Later on vs Late in the day

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Hello everyone

Can someone explain me please the difference between "Later on" and "Late in the day"?

I know that 'Later on' means AFTERWARDS
And also that 'Late in the day' means LATERS.

But what is the tangible difference, is there one at all?

Thank you all
  • JustKate

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    Later on just means "at some later time." It could be later in the evening, later in the morning, later in the week, anything.

    Late in the day means "near the end of that day." It doesn't usually refer to evening or night, but sometimes it might.

    Laters, as far as I can tell, just means "See you later." It's an extremely casual way to say "good-bye," as SDG explained.


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    Paul and SDG are right that sentences would be a good idea - I should have asked for that, too. That's the only to figure out if you really do understand it. (Although to be fair, "Laters" actually functions as a sentence.)
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