Latin by the bucket

chong lee

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The quote is from " Treasure Island".
I did not find anything about "Latin by the bucket" . What does it mean?

It was a master surgeon, him that ampytated me—out of college and all—Latin by the bucket, and what not; but he was hanged like a dog, and sun-dried like the rest, at Corso Castle
  • Thomas Tompion

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    By the bucket means a great deal.

    The speaker is using very loose colloquial English; he's also rather deferential in manner.

    All he means by Latin by the bucket is that the person seems very educated.


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    I've never heard the expression, and appreciate Thomas Tompion's reply.

    Since that makes sense to me, I'll add this: The term "Latin" is apparently a reference for "educated" probably because most terms of anatomy are actual Latin terms: "oculus dexter" means "the right eye", scapula is the "shoulder blade", etc. So "Latin by the bucket" infers that educated people -- and doctors in particular -- are known for knowing lots of Latin...

    ... alas, as educated as he was, he was hung with the rest of them!