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    In Latvian, what would be the best way to say difficult (without being overly dramatic), for example in the following phrase:

    viens grūts gads Itālijā

    How strong/dramatic is grūts here? Is there a better way to say something like that?
    Thanks! I hope the example phrase is grammatically correct. :)
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  2. rdimd Member

    Latvian, Slow Russian
    It sounds OK in this context.

    Or - it does not sound 'not OK' which is more important. I have nothing to add, if you want to express something special, just ask native speakers.
  3. --R-- New Member

    Thanks! I was just wondering whether it's more or less as neutral in meaning as the EN difficult because I've seen it also translated as extremely hard/difficult in some cases. Depends on the context as well, of course.
  4. SAIP0

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    Riga, Latvia

    yap, sounds right to me :) You can always use "smags" as well.

    And you don't have to use "viens". I mean, you can, but people would usually omit it, as "grūts" or "smags", which is a singular form of adjective, implies "one".

    Cheers ;)

    C u in Riga :)

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