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Hello, I am hoping someone might be able to help me. I am trying to learn a few words to say so i can make a new Latvian student visiting a local school feel more welcome. At the moment I have the following but im not sure if it is correct.

*Mani sauc.....My name is...
*Ka jums klajas?....How are you?
*Cik ilgi jus eit paliksiet?....How long are you here for?
*Vai jus jau kadreiz esat bijis Angelsku? Have you ever been to England before?
*Vai jums patik sports?...Do you like sports?

But I would like to say the following, or anything else, just to make him feel more welcome. Could anyone help me please?

*Have you made many friends?
*I hope you have a nice christmas?

Thanking you in advance

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    Hmm, don't say ka jums klajas, you have to say (this computer doesn't support Latvian language, so I'll just write double letters where it is necesarry) Kaa jums klaajas?. aa is spoken like ''a'' in English word nirvana only longer and louder.

    And you have to say Cik ilgi juus sseit paliksiet? uu= ''oo'' like in word moon, and ss=sh like in word shine.

    Next sentence "Vai jus jau kadreiz esat bijis Angelsku? " is wrong, you have to say- Vai juus esat bijis Anglijaa?

    "Vai jums patik sports?"- if you want to be correct, say patiik, not patik, ii is spoken like "ee" in word see

    ''Have you made many friends?'' would be "Vai juus jau esat ieguvis daudz draugu?''

    *I hope you have a nice christmas'' would be "Ceru, ka juus jauki pavadiisiet Ziemassveetkus!''
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