Latvian: Do you understand that the item is faulty?


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Hi all,

Could someone translate the following phrase into Latvian for me please regarding an ebay item sold to a Latvian buyer (listed as faulty).

"Please confirm that you understand that the item is faulty (as stated in the listing)"

Many thanks in advance,

  • osis

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    Hello John,

    Personally I would not be too much concerned about this as most of the people in Latvia (especially if they shop on the internet) have some level of English knowledge.

    But just to be on the safe side here it goes:

    'Veelreiz gribeeju jums atgaadinaat ka shii prece ir bojaata kaa tas jau ir noraadiits sludinaajumaa. Luudzu apstipriniet ka juus to saprotat.'

    Hope it goes all right.


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    I'll just put it in correct spelling - "'Vēlreiz gribēju Jums atgādināt, ka šī prece ir bojāta, kā tas jau ir (tika) norādīts sludinājumā. Lūdzu apstipriniet, ka s to saprotat.'

    Best wishes,