Latvian: Ermičs


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Hello everybody,

Could a Latvian speaker point me to the original, native pronunciation of the surname "Ermičs"?

Also, does the surname have any special or particular meaning?

Thank you so much for your patience and your help.

  • entangledbank

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    I'm no expert, not even a 'Latvian speaker', but I think the <s> would be silent, that is absorbed into the <č>. The letter marks the word as nominative singular, like other nouns ending in <-s>, but is not separately sounded. Going through my little book, the only word I can find ending in <čs> is mačs "match", but that has no pronunciation in Wiktionary. However, Wiktionary shows that the <s> is absorbed in words with similar endings: īpašs "special" is [īːpaʃ] and plašs "wide" is [plaʃ]. So I presume mačs would be [matʃ]. I won't use IPA for Ermičs because there are two possible values for <E>.