Latvian: labdien / sveiki


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would like to ask when greeting with people first meet, labdien or Sveiki should be used,
I'm going to visit Lativa later, so would like to learn how to greeting,
some say labdien for people you know, then it Sveiki ok for people you first met ?

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    Basically I would suggest labdien (or labrīt in the morning, labvakar in the evening) when talking to people you haven't met before.

    Sveiks / sveika / sveiki / sveikas
    is more informal.
    - sveiks - addressing a man / male person
    - sveika - addressing a woman / female person
    - sveiki - addressing a group of men or a group of men and women
    - sveikas - addressing a group of women

    So, labrīt, labdien and labvakar are easier - they only have one form...

    I'm not a native speaker, maybe other forum members can add some more suggestions

    Edit: you can find more phrases and expressions here
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    I agree with Holger2014, labdien is literally "good day" when greeting someone, a little more formal.

    sveiks and the other versions of that word actually mean "healthy" as in you hope that person is healthy, so a little more informal and good for greeting people you know.