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Is there a saying or phrase in Latvian about how someone’s family (spouse and children) mean everything to them?
Here are a few phrases that I would have said in English:
“They are my everything”
“They are my world”
“They mean everything to me”
“They are my life”
I’m not looking for a literal translation, but more or less speaking about how I feel about my family.
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    About children we normally say "Bērni ir mūsu nākotne" - "Children are our future". Translating your given phrases to Latvian would be:
    Viņi man nozīmē visu - They mean everything to me
    Viņi ir visa mana dzīve - They are my life

    More we could say "Viņi man ir vissvarīgākais" (They are the most important for me), Viņi ir mans lielākais dārgums or mana lielākā bagātība (They are my biggest fortune).
    Also we have a saying:
    "Mazi bērni maza bēda, lieli bērni liela bēda;
    Mazi bērni klēpi spiež, lieli bērni sirdi spiež"
    ("Small children - small trouble, big children - big trouble;
    Small children are lieing heavy on the lap, big children are lieing heavy on the heart") Something like that...


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    Thank you so much for your assistance! I was fairly sure that trying to translate these online using a translation tool would not give me the exact results that I was searching for.

    I sincerely appreciate your help.