Latvian Tone IPA Transcription


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In Latvian there are three tones: stiepts, lauzts and krītošs.

The International Phonetic Alphbet uses numerals from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) to indicate tones as in, for example, Chinese Mandarin: 想要 = /ɕjɑŋ²¹⁴ jɑʊ̯⁵¹/. That means when pronouncing /ɕjɑŋ/, you start at 2 (near the bottom), go to 1 (bottom) and then raise to 4 (almost at the top of the vocal range).

Could someone who knows IPA use this system to explain to me how your tones work? Here are the superscript numbers for you to use: ¹²³⁴⁵

* stiepts:
* lauzts:
* krītošs:

Please use real words to exemplify every tone. Thank you.
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