Latvian: Viņa/Viņai and Viņš/Viņam

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Hi there!
I don't really know much about declensions, but I guess that if you say "He is at the building" and "He's got a brown moustache", the word "he" is nominative... Then why is it in latvian "viņš ir pie ēkas" and "viņam ir brūnas ūsas" and the same for the female case?
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    Latvians doesn’t construct ‘to have’ sentences like it is done in English or Spanish.

    To create these sentences you use:
    _owner_ in dative case + verb "būt" (to be) + _property_ in nominative

    There is no exact way to literally translate this concept to English, but you would construct the sentence “I have a dog” something like “To me there exists a dog”.

    Generally, it is just easier to learn the concept by example.
    Here are some examples:

    Man ir grāmata - I have a book.
    Viņai ir suns. - She has a dog.
    Jums ir kafija? - Do you have coffee?
    Jums tēja ir? - Do you have tea? [word order here implies 'I want tea, not coffee or cocoa']

    Es zinu, ka vienreiz
    Man dārziņš būs,
    Kur ziedēs tik rozes
    Un nesāpēs sirds.

    I know that once
    I will have the garden,
    Where only roses will bloom
    And there will be no pain in my heart.

    Man bija prieks ...
    I had the pleasure to ...


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    I just found wonderful page about dative constructions

    www . latvianstuff . com / DativeConstructions . html