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I'm reading Slash's (guitar player of a rock band GNR) autobiography, and don't understand some phrases in the book. Below is the paragraph, please help.
The most well-known figure that considered working with us was Paul Stanley of Kiss, who was looking for the right band to launch a side gig behind the mixing board. Izzy, Duff and I couldn't have cared less; we told Zutaut that we had no idea what Paul Stanley could bring to the equation. Steven, of course, was beside himself -- Kiss were his heroes, so we figured we'd let Steven have his jollies and agreed to the meeing. The process began with Paul coming down to our apratment to "discuss music." <<excess quotation deleted>>
My question is:
"launch a side gig": what is a "side gig"? "launch" means "hold"?
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Thank you very much!
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    You have asked many different questions in one thread, Password. Because we must focus on one topic in each thread, I'll answer your first question.

    If somebody "launches a side gig", that person finds something else to do to earn money on the side. Paul Stanley wants to start working as a sound mixer for a good band. He already has a job as a musician in 'Kiss'.

    "Gig" is used loosely in this language. It usually refers to an engagement to play somewhere: I've got a gig tonight at the VFW Hall.
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