1. 1133Lodi Senior Member

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    La Chine est-elle à l'aune d'une crise financière majeure ? Les tensions observées ces derniers jours entre les banques chinoises, comme la vive réaction de la Banque populaire de Chine (PBOC), la banque centrale, le laissent craindre à certains observateurs.

    I don't see how the definitions of "à l'aune de" fit here.
    I've seen the expression "à l'aune du temps". I'd understand "au bord" here. I'm very mixed up by the
    definitions of it I've studied and how they could match the context.
    I hope my question is within forum regulation. Thank you very much!
  2. SwissPete

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    Typo! La Chine est-elle à l'aube d'une crise financière majeure ?
  3. 1133Lodi Senior Member

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    Son of a gun! And I copied and pasted it right from
    the site. Never would have guessed a typo!
    Well, l'aube makes sense! Thanks an awful lot for
    your help (O: glad I asked!
  4. LARSAY Senior Member

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    On peut dire les 2, "aune" (peu utilisé) ou "aube". Une aune est une mesure française du Moyen Age = 1,888 mètres

    Les 2 veulent dire qu'ils sont tout près d'un crise financière

    Is China on the verge of a serious financial crisis ?
  5. 1133Lodi Senior Member

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    Oh, yes I see now how it could be!
    It means "within feet of"! Very good!!!
    Thank you very much (O:
  6. pointvirgule

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    langue française
    But seriously, the "n" key is next to the "b" key...
  7. 1133Lodi Senior Member

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    It looks like within feet of is what it means.
    When one says aube which means dawn that's kind of like saying something about a beginning, a new beginning - the dawn of something. A financial crisis sure isn't much of a dawn. It's more the opposite.
    That's what I think anyway (O:
  8. Quaeitur

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    Aune existe bien en français, mais l'expression à l'aune de ne s'utilise pour moi que avec mesurer (mesurer qqch à l'aune de qqch d'autre). Ici, je pense comme SwissPete et pointvirgule qu'il s'agit d'une faute de frappe pour à l'aube de.
  9. 1133Lodi Senior Member

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    So it could be "aube" meaning something big is on it's way!
    Thank you!
  10. Coquecigrue Senior Member

    French (France)

    on the verge of
    or on the eve of....

    "A l'aube de" doesn't imply that what is coming is positive, just that it's about to happen.
  11. 1133Lodi Senior Member

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    Oh, thank you!

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