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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by eyeswideopen, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. eyeswideopen

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    Italy, Italian
    Hi everybody,
    I've found this old thread and I'd like to know what is tha right way to say:
    You earn a degree from an institution? or rather at an institution?
    Master Degree earned at/from University of Topolinia
    And what about receiving a diploma?
    Many thanks for any help :)
  2. Angel.Aura

    Angel.Aura del Mod, solo L'aura

    Roma, Italia
    Ciao eyeswideopen,

    Credo sia più frequente:
    "I got a degree from University of..."
    "to get a degree in one of the best comics school in the country"
  3. TimLA

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    English - US
    We are very flexible in English and both are possible, but if
    I had to guess "at" might be more BE than AE.

    I received my degree from X
    I received my degree at X
    I obtained my degree...
    I got my degree.. (Ciao AA!:))
    My degress was awarded...

    Let's see what our BE experts say...

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