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    I'm quite confused at what "laurea" means.
    Does it mean "master's degree" or "bachelor's degree"?
    What is the correct way of saying "master's degree"?
    Thank you so much!
  2. angelico76 Senior Member

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    actually some years ago (5/10) when you said "laurea" it meant master's degree, and so we used to say "Sono laureato", "I've got a master's degree in....".
    Recently things have changed and there are 2 different types of degrees:
    - laurea breve (bachelor's degree) - 3 years
    - laurea specialistica (master's degree) - 2 years

    So if you want to get a master's degree in Italy, you've got to study 5 years (3+2). The only exception is Medicine where, in order to be Doctor of Medicine, you've got to study 6 years (there's no bachelor's degree)

  3. Boljon Senior Member

    Thank you so much, Angelico!
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    Hello guys, this topic has already been discussed, look here!

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