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I'm quite confused at what "laurea" means.
Does it mean "master's degree" or "bachelor's degree"?
What is the correct way of saying "master's degree"?
Thank you so much!
  • angelico76

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    actually some years ago (5/10) when you said "laurea" it meant master's degree, and so we used to say "Sono laureato", "I've got a master's degree in....".
    Recently things have changed and there are 2 different types of degrees:
    - laurea breve (bachelor's degree) - 3 years
    - laurea specialistica (master's degree) - 2 years

    So if you want to get a master's degree in Italy, you've got to study 5 years (3+2). The only exception is Medicine where, in order to be Doctor of Medicine, you've got to study 6 years (there's no bachelor's degree)