Laut Christoph Eyring kommt/ komme das Wort 'Dialekt' aus dem Altgriechischen 'dialektos' (subjunctive?)

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  1. Dear Forum, my uncertainty is as follows: I have been studying the use of the subjunctive to report what someone has said, ie 'indirect speech'. What I have been unable to find out is if one should use it in formal written german to also report what someone has written? The sentence I am considering is: Laut Christoph Eyring, kommt/ komme das Wort 'Dialekt' aus dem Altgriechischen 'dialektos'. Any advice would be gratefully recieved! Many thanks in anticipation for your help!
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    First of all, the Konjunktiv I is used for reported speech, and it doesn't mind if it's actually reported script.

    Nevertheless, in your example, komme would be wrong, since it's not reported speech. Hence Laut Christoph Eyring* kommt das Wort 'Dialekt' aus dem altgriechischen** 'dialektos'.

    * there's no comma
    ** "altgriechischen" is an adjective here and thus not to be capitalized

    The opposite example: Christoph Eyring ist der Meinung, das Wort 'Dialekt' komme aus dem Altgriechischen.
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    Your example is rather skewed in that you quote a well-known and banal fact as the personal opinion of one individual. The use of the konjunktiv makes it sound even stranger. By the way, in linguistic parlance you should say “stammt von XYZ ab”, not “kommt aus XYZ”.

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