Lavavajillas y Lavaplatos

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  1. LuisGiorgi New Member

    Brazil - Portuguese
    Hi guys,

    Could anyone help me with a doubt?

    What's the real difference between lavavajillas and lavaplatos?

    Lavavajillas = dish washer and Lavaplatos = Chicken sink?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Sprache Senior Member

    United States
    I think you mean kitchen sink, not chicken.

    I too would also like to learn the difference.
  3. LuisGiorgi New Member

    Brazil - Portuguese

    You're right!!! Sorry for my english!! :)
  4. todasana

    todasana Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    In some countries the word is "lavavajillas" in some other cuntries is "lavaplatos"
    Lava = wash vajilla = set of dishes
    Lava = wash platos= dishes

    It could be used to name the soap to wash the dishes or the dishwasher machine.
  5. meyra New Member

    Spanish and catalan
    Actually, in Spain we use both words for the same meaning: dish washer.
  6. jbachelor Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    English - USA
    They are the same. In Spain people use both, but I think lavavajillas is more common.
  7. dropofrain Senior Member

    alicante Spain
    I concur. We use the both words to express the same meaning. For me, there is not any difference between both.
  8. dropofrain Senior Member

    alicante Spain
    Sorry, perhaps when you say lavaplatos you are referring to the "sink"?
    In that case, we say: fregadero o pila.
  9. LuisGiorgi New Member

    Brazil - Portuguese

    Do you know this website Live Mocha? That's for studying purposes.

    One of the lessons i was studying, there was this meaning "lavaplatos" for "kitchen sink".

    Perhaps not all of the Spanish translations to portuguese on the website are correctly, right?

  10. jbachelor Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    English - USA
    It must be wrong. "Kitchen sink" is fregadero.
    Lavaplatos and lavavajillas are the same.
  11. dropofrain Senior Member

    alicante Spain
    You're right Luisgiorgi. Sometimes the translations are not that accurate.
    Welcome to the forum.
  12. tenpao Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish, Spain

    1. m. Bol., Chile, Col. y Ven. fregadero (‖ pila de fregar).

    2. com. Persona que por oficio lava platos.

    3. amb. Máquina para lavar la vajilla, los cubiertos, etc.

    En España, lavavajillas = lavaplatos.

    Al parecer, en Bolivia, Chile, Colombia y Venezuela, lavaplatos = fregadero.
  13. LuisGiorgi New Member

    Brazil - Portuguese
    Thanks people for helping me!!

    ¡Gracias! Ahora no tengo más dudas.
  14. Katjan Member

    Colombia, Spanish
    Just to add a precision (even some years later):

    As everyone has confirmed, Lavavajillas, lavaplatos or fregadero are the same. In some countries is more used one word than other, in Colombia we use more "lavaplatos", apparently it is more used in Mexico "fregadero". In fact, this last word in my country can also be used to the place you wash clothes.

    If you want to say dishwasher machine, in Colombia is more used "lavadora de platos". I am not sure if in other countries say it in different way.

    Regards. :)
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  15. Guillo1 Senior Member

    Spanish - Argentina
    In Argentina lavaplatos and fregadero are not the same thing. Down here the lavaplatos or the lavavajilla are the same thing, meaning the machine that washes the dishes. The fregadero is the kitchen sink, though the words commonly used for it are pileta or bacha.
  16. Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin Senior Member

    En México un sink es un fregadero, tina o tarja que cuenta con llaves por donde sale agua y un desagüe por donde se desecha el agua. Sirve para lavar vajillas, cristalería, ollas y utensilios.

    Un lavaplatos, lavavajillas, lavaloza o lavatrastes, es una máquina para lavar vajillas, cristalería, ollas y utensilios que está conectada a la energía eléctrica, línea de gas y de agua corriente.

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