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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by bise, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. bise Senior Member

    Dear all,
    I'm in trouble with this translation, from a critic text related to video art:

    "Le immagini di XY sono tableau vivants che si compongono in un quadro concettuale unitario solo nel loro insieme, lavorando per somme"

    My try is: "XY images are tableau vivants composing a coherent conceptual frame only in their whole, working by summing up togheter"
    But I am completely unsatisfied!

    "Lavorare" per somme" in Italian would like to express a sort of "superimposition process" of different sequential images which happens in the viewer's mind.
    Any suggestion?
  2. longplay Banned

    "Lavorare per somme" dovrebbe significare "sintetizzare", "riassumere" o anche semplicemente "addizionare". "Si compongono....solo... facendone una sintesi".
    Bisogna vedere se questa interpretazione ti va bene.
  3. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

    English (Ireland)
    Is XY referring to the name of the artist?
  4. bise Senior Member

    Yes, sorry: XY stands for the artist's name!

    Grazie Longplay per il tentativo di chiarimento... E' un pelo più complesso, temo: l'artista XY lavora mettendo in sequenza nei suoi video dei tableau vivants che lavorano "per somme" nella mente dello spettatore: le immagini si sommano nel tempo stratificando i rimandi e i significati. E' un pò diverso dal "produrre una sintesi" o "riassumere": è più vicino a un processo di "stratificazione".
  5. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

    English (Ireland)
    One suggestion:

    XY's images are tableaux vivants which, only when considered as a whole, make up a coherent conceptual frame.
  6. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    :thumbsup: You're a brave woman to even attempt this one. Brava!
  7. bise Senior Member

    That's great for the first part of the sentence Tegs! Thank you so much!
  8. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

    English (Ireland)
    Ha, thanks :D

    Unfortunately, I still don't understand what you mean by "lavorando per somme". Perhaps another Italian person can clarify (in English)? :)
  9. bise Senior Member

    Well, yes, it's not easy!
    I guess it could be interpreted as a sort of superimposition process taking place in the viewer's mind, where the different meanings connected to the images function through addition, summing up toghether and creating the final multilayered "message". I'm not sure if this does help...
    It's also difficult for me and I get this explanation by reading a whole article. If I don't find anything suitable, I'll leave it as you suggested cutting the second sentence (-:
  10. longplay Banned

    L' altra cosa che vorrei proporre è "sinergia", "combinazione" (di efficacia). :confused:
  11. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

    English (Ireland)
    Perfect, I completely understand now - well done explaining it :D How about this then?

    XY's images are tableaux vivants which, only when visualized in their entirety, as one multilayered whole, make up a coherent conceptual frame.

    I used a bit of artistic license, but I don't know how to translate that phrase more accurately - it needs to just be interpreted and paraphrased into something that makes sense for English speakers. :D
  12. bise Senior Member

    Great! Thanks so much!
    Yes, I guess a literal translation would lead to something incomprehensible here (-:

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