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Hello, I am not sure if I am asking this question in the right section or perhaps if it is the right question in this forum but it would be of a great help if someone share me the information if he/she has knowledge about the subject or redirect me to somewhere els.
I will be very grateful if anyone provide me with some information in regard to trade terms specially the FOB contract relating to incotemrs and english law:
1-what kind of norms governs the trade contracts under english law, is it the sale of goods act 1979 and common law(case law)? or is there any other statutes that regualtes the trade contracts in UK?
2- In regard to international trade law is it the Vienna Convention (is it the same as international sale of goods act ?) that governs the international trade law, or is there any other convention governing the international trade?
(my whole questions are related to strict fob contract under both english law and international law). I am very confused and really in need of understanding the topic. hopefully someone can be kind enough to clearify the topic for me.

thank you
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    Hello learning terms, and welcome to WordReference.

    WordReference forums are for exchanges about translation, word usage, terminology equivalency and other linguistic topics.
    Questions about international trade and the laws that govern such trade are outside our scope.
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