Law is order, law is freedom, law is might

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    I need to write a motto for a fictional totalitarian regime, whose english transposition is this: "Law is order, law is freedom, law is might".
    How would that be in latin? Keep in mind that I don't need a literal, scholastic translation but rather something that is likely to be written on coins and inscriptions like "senatus populusque romanorum" used to be for the roman empire.

    This is what I've come up with:
    leges ordoque libertasque dominatio

    I know that it lacks the predicate, but as I said this is a motto and not a complete sentence. I need it to be short.
  2. Scholiast

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    lex ordo, libertas, imperium.

  3. Joca

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    Florianópolis, Brazil
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Lex est ordo, libertas visque.

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