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lawyer n(legal professional) (umgangssprachlich)Rechtsanwalt Nm
(umgangssprachlich)Rechtsanwältin Nf
Jurist Nm
Juristin Nf
Ben went to law school to become a lawyer.

Potential improvements:
  • Anwalt/Anwältin should be added as the first listed translation as it is easily the most common, while Rechtsanwalt/Rechtsanwältin should be second and Jurist/Juristin third (Ngram graph 1, Ngram graph 2)
  • Anwalt could possibly be listed as being used in law (Recht), but now that its use is so widespread this may be unnecessary
  • Sentence translation: Ben hat Jura studiert, um Anwalt zu werden.

Please leave a reply if I made any mistakes.
  • Frank78

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    It's a bit more complicated:

    Anwalt - officially there are two types, those who represent the state: Staatsanwälte (prosecutor) and those who represent private people and entities: Rechtsanwälte (lawyer) but colloquially "Anwalt" normally means "Rechtsanwalt".

    Jurist - anyone who has a degree in law, regardless of his current job.

    So, I'd suggest:

    Anwalt (colloq.)