Lay down

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    I'm not sure what you mean by lay down.
    lay down
    1. To give up and surrender: laid down their arms.
    2. To specify: laid down the rules.
    3. To store for the future.
    4. Nonstandard To lie down
    What is the subject of the verb? The passengers? The pilot? The plane itself?


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    What's the best verb for (lay down) if you are on an airplane?
    Sorry, Powerful, we need more context. What is doing the laying/lying? If it's the airplane, we'd say 'we're coming in to land', or 'the plane will land soon'. If it's you, lucky enough to be in a first class cabin with a bed of some sort, you would say 'I'll go and lie down now'. Note: an incorrect but common usage of the verb 'to lay' (which is transitive) says: "I'll lay down for an hour or so". Hens lay eggs, mother/father lays the table (sets out the spoons, plates etc), but we/I/you lie down. The 'lay' usage may arise because of confusion with the verb 'to lie' (to tell an untruth).
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