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Hello, foreros,
I was wondering if there was a phrase in Spanish similar to this one in English. In the sense I am interested in, lay it on heavy means to reprove or encourage quite strongly, usually in a discourse, either to one person or to a group. It is a somewhat informal phrase. A related phrase would be to chew someone out, but that feels a little stronger to me.

Some examples:
My boss doesn't feel like I am productive enough, so he really laid it in heavy in my evaluation.
Our minister feels like we need to be more active in the church so he really laid it on us in this morning's sermon.
I don't want to lay it on too heavy, but you really need to get better grades in school. (Father to son)

Muchísimas gracias por su ayuda
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    ... me está dando con todo ... (es coloquial, pero no sé en qué otros países se usa)
    ... me dio como en bolsa...


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    Hola woodytwoshoes, here you have a few terms that could help you:
    -llamar a capítulo
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