lay low = lie low??


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I'd like to use when I should use lay low or lie low. According to babylon dictionary, both have sort of the same meaning.

lay low
No sobresaltar, guardar un perfil bajo

lie low
Estar escondido, No asomar la cabeza

So now the question is... how should I use them?
It seems to be that the difference is that lie low is more about concealing yourself physically whereas lay low is more about keeeping a low profile.

is this right?

Are there any difference in terms of which one should I use when speaking or writing? Formal / not so formal?

Thanks a lot
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    A mi entender (y según el Collins Spanish Dictionary), "lie low" es "mantenerse escondido". "Lay low" es el pretérito de "lie low".

    "To lay low" (infinitivo) no forma parte del inglés que hablo (ni aparece en el Collins Spanish Dictionary).
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    Lay low is grammatically incorrect. Lay requires an object; it is something you do to something else. Proper usage is "lie low." (Unfortunately, this lay/lie distinction is disappearing in colloquial usage, but it is still considered grammatically incorrect to use lay without an object.)