Lay out charges

Katty MHT

" The soldiers later crossed over the border of Ukraine and continued shelling targets in the Kharkiv region, it is claimed, but they were taken prisoner by Ukrainian forces and now await trial. Their case file, laying out charges of breaking the laws and customs of war, has also been filed at a criminal procedural court in Ukraine, but names and photographs are yet to be issued."

Resource: Ukraine prosecutors ready to launch first war crimes trials of Russia conflict | Ukraine | The Guardian

Could you guys help me? What are the meanings of those bold words?

Thanks in advance 🙏
  • idialegre

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    "Laying out" means "listing, mentioning, putting forth, specifying." The soldiers will be charged with breaking the laws and customs of war. The laws of war are, I believe, those rules put forth in the so-called Geneva Conventions. I can't say with any authority what the customs of war are.

    Names and photos are "yet to be issued" means that they have not yet been released (to the press, for example.)


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    Imagine you were selling something at a market. You might have a table to put your goods on. You would lay them out side-by-side on the table so your potential customers could see them. You are revealing the items you are selling.

    It's the same idea here, but figurative. They are revealing the charges against the person, which people can examine and form an opinion on. There is no physical table but it's the same concept.