...layered turn as the bipolar?

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Hi there, I am reading this piece of news on this website.

I came across the following bald sentence that confuses me a lot.

"Stranger things have happened (like Homeland getting completely snubbed by the Screen Actors Guild Awards), but we'll put big money on Danes not only getting nominated, but winning it all. Her complex, layered turn as the bipolar and ruthless Carrie Mathison was nothing short of a force of nature. "

please help me understand what "layered turn as the bipolar" is. Thank you so much!
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    You're putting two separate phrases together.

    Her complex, layered turn = Her finely nuanced performance; the job she did in that film showed many layers and aspects of the character.

    The bipolar . . . Carrie = The character Carrie Mathison, who displayed symptoms of bipolar disorder, probably large mood swings.

    The "as" just introduces the character she played.
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