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    How would you translate "lazy river"? This is part of an aquatic park where people sit in large plastic tubes and casually float down a river-like area that circles the park. I know I can't do a literal translation, but would like some suggestions on how to translate the overall idea...

    Another one I'm stuck on is Splash Pad??? (I've been using simply "piscina para ninos".)

  2. Nena19

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    This hotel in Mexico calls it río lento:
    You could also include a description in Spanish.

    I'm not really sure what a splash pad it a swimming pool? If it's not, maybe you don't want to use "piscina". Again, a description may work. You can also check on-line stores that check them and see if they have an alternate Spanish site with a specific phrase that they use for it.
  3. mwalsh1972 New Member

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    Splash pad is a kids attraction, essentially a concrete area with numerous sprinkler-type devices (animal shapes that spray water).
  4. fenixpollo

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    I agree with the río lento suggestion made by Nena.

    Since it's not really a "pad", you could translate it as "piscina para niños". You could also look for an equivalent of "lily pad", where I'm guessing that the Splash Pad gets its name.... however, I'm not sure if hoja de nenúfar sounds natural or understandable to a nativ speaker.
  5. Andrewco Member

    mejor: rio artificial "lazy river"
  6. epinilla64

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    Otra opción para lazy river es "aguas tranquilas", río lento me suena un poco extraño
  7. brassneck Member

    Trabajo en una empresa de diseño de parques acuáticos. "Lazy River" siempre se traduce como "Río Lento". "Splash Pad" es una piscina infantil de poca profundidad ("vaso de chapoteo" sería el término correcto) en la que se ubican normalmente diversos juegos acuáticos (pistolas de agua, cañones, etc.)

    Hope it helps.



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