Lazy? (someone who avoids doing things they could do themselves)

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Hello everyone,

I thought of "lazy", but I think there must be something better than "lazy" for this. When I want to describe someone who avoids doing things they could do themselves, e.g., a husband who asks his busy wife to stop cleaning the house, and go and get him some beer in the fridge while he's watching a football game. He's healthy and could go to the fridge to get his beer. He's not lazy, because he works and helps support the family, but he often asks his wife and other people to do things he could do himself.

An example that I created: Sarah's husband is _____. She was very busy cleaning the house, and he had the nerve to ask her to get him a beer while he watched a football match on his day off.

Thank you in advance!
  • owlman5

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    "Dependent" comes to mind, Xavier. "Passive" and "demanding" are other possibilities that make sense. If anybody tries to add other suggestions for synonyms, we will be guilty of starting a list, which is something that we members are not allowed to do.
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