lb, MT, ppm, mpa.s


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It's my first thread in this forum. I'm now doing business concerning chemical industry and found those measurement units difficult to read.

For example, what do you usually call 1.5MT xanthan gum,
22,000 lbs powder, 3.0ppm and 30000mpa.s ?

They don't simply read M T or L B.... do they?
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    Welcome to the forum. :)

    I would normally read them out (as I think most people would), e.g. 22,000 lbs powder would be read as twenty-two thousand pounds of powder. The same with parts per million, metric ton/tonne, etc.


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    Thank you very much! Copyright!

    I've been visiting the forum for a while and really learnt a lot but didn't register until today.:eek:
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