1. onstage Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish, Argentina
    Hola a todos,

    ¿Alguien me podría ayudar con este término? Estoy buscando en Internet pero no encuentro nada puntual. El contexto es consideraciones para atraer a clientes a una tienda: "Provides visual interest through LCD movement."

    Hasta ahora se me ocurre "incrementar el estímulo visual mediante el uso de pantallas LCD", pero no estoy seguro de que sean pantallas LDC.

    ¡Les agradezco de antemano!
  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    Creo que habla de movimiento en la LCD.
  3. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    That sounds so weird...
    Why would they use movement instead of display?
    Where is the text from?
  4. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    I was assuming that they have an LCD screen, and it shows something moving. Maybe changing views of the product, etc.
  5. onstage Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish, Argentina
    The context is a list of design considerations to attract customers to a retail store:

    – Logo is visible.
    Retail execution is easy for the eye to see and process.
    – Provides visual interest through LCD movement.

    I'm not sure about either of the expressions in bold.

    Thank you for your answers!

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