leçons à la carte

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  1. darklan New Member

    Hello everyone

    Can you please tell me what "leçons à la carte" means? Here is the sentence.

    "Réservez vos leçons à la carte avec un enseignant diplômé de 6 h à 22 h."

    I thought it meant lessons paid with the credit card but I'm not sure. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Garoubet Senior Member

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    It's not lessons paid by credit card but lessons you can select, take and pay one by one, like when you are in a restaurant; same expression
  3. SwissPete

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    À la carte is usually used in restaurants to indicate items that can be ordered separately.

    In your context, instead of items on a menu, they are lessons. You can choose any lesson you want.

    Definitions of the expression: à la carte can be found here.

    Cross-posted with Garoubet.
  4. darklan New Member

    That was really helpful thank you so much guys
  5. Phil512

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    While obviously confiming the other answers, I feel that the concept of "flexibility" is being put forward here.

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