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I am writing a piece in French about tenpin bowling and I'm having some trouble with the terminology.
When talking about the gate (that comes down to take the pins away), which word is best (if either)?:
la grille/ la barrière a doucement commencé de descendre

Also, the lane that one plays in...is la ruelle appropriate in this context?

Help would be much appreciated!
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    MonsieurAquilone said:
    I have heard "la ruelle" in this context but I cannot be certain.
    It is "la rigole"

    As for the other word, "le râteau" is what sweeps the pins but I don't know the name of the thing carrying them. :(


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    D'après mes souvenirs, il y en a deux (de part et d'autre de la piste), et j'appelle ça "les caniveaux".
    Comme DP, je dis aussi "le râteau" mais c'est plus par ignorance, je ne sais donc pas si c'est le bon terme...


    English, Afrikaans, South Africa
    Thanks for all the help.
    Just one thing...La rigole would refer to the "gutter" (2 yes) on the sides of the lane, right?
    I'm actually looking for the word for the lane itself, not the gutters on the side.
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