Le calme qui résultait de mes angoisses


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I have copied below sentence that comes from an essay talking about Swann's Way. I would really appreciate a translation of the French into English. I put the entire sentence as to give context to the French. Thank you very very much!

Marcel experiences here attend not to anticipation of the kiss itself, the satisfaction of his desire, but to the prospect of dramatically, concretely staging himself as a subject who is a slave to his desire: “Le calme qui résultait de mes angoisses finies me mettait dans une allégresse extraordinaire, non moins que l’attente, la soif et
la peur du danger”

Thank you again!
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    We're not really allowed to do that, you should propose your own translation and ask for a critique.

    Sorry... How is this?

    The calm resulted in an extraordinary happiness from my finished anguish, nothing less than the wait, the thirst, the fright of danger.

    Moon Palace

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    My try:
    The quiet feeling resulting from the fact my anxieties were over sent me into a state of extraordinary exhilaration, no less than the waiting, the thirst and the fear of danger.