le chemin de croix

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    Can anyone help me with this translation, please?
    In this documentary, a man is crossing the desert and we are given tips on how best
    to survive.
    The commentary says: "Progresser dans cette véritable étuve requiert une connaissance approfondie
    du milieu, et une condition physique hors du commun. Si vous ne correspondez pas à ces deux
    critères, votre périple risque de se transformer en chemin de croix et votre progression
    en véritable calvaire."

    I am trying to convey the idea contained in the phrase in bold, without the specific religious
    reference which may not be understood by those unfamiliar with the story of the Passion.

    The best I can manage so far is: "Your journey is likely to turn into a battle and your progress into an ordeal."

    I'm not happy with my translation, does anyone have any better ideas, please?

    Many thanks.
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  3. jetset

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    (...) into a hell ? (yes I know it's religious related but it conveys the idea).
  4. bubbs64 Senior Member

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    Thanks to all who replied.

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