le colis part ce matin de Marseille,bonne reception

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Hello. Could someone please tell me if I translated the following correctly?

"le colis part ce matin de Marseille,bonne reception,j'espere que les U.S.A iront loin en Coupe du Monde de foot ball en Allemagne.". I think he is saying that the package left this morning from Marseille and that he hopes that the USA has a good reception and goes far in the foot ball World Cup in Germany. Did I get the jist of the message?

Also could someone help me say "Thank you for all of your patience with my exceptionally poor French. I will let you know when it arrives. And I hope your team does well."...of course, that's thinking I'm close on the above translation!

I appreciate your help! Queenie

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    Hi Black_Adders_Queenie,
    Welcome to WR forums :)

    Let me please invite you to post the subject of your request in the title of next threads (please have a look at #4 in WR rules).
    Let me also invite you to post different requests in different threads as mentioned in #10 in WR rules


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    Bonjour Queenie,
    Bienvenue sur le forum !

    You got the meaning pretty right.

    - The parcel left Marseilles yesterday morning
    - He wishes you good reception of the parcel (Bonne réception is a common phrase in such a context)
    - He kindly wishes some success for the USA during the Soccer worldcup

    As for your own sentences (taking for granted that you use the vous form):

    Merci de votre patience envers mon désastreux français. Je vous préviendrai lorsque le colis sera arrivé. Et tous mes voeux accompagnent votre propre équipe...

    Voilà ! :)
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