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Good morning,

Can anyone technologically minded in English translate flashcode - it seems a typically French domain on Google for some reason...! I would bet on Flashcode but one never knows...

Context: Le flashcode (ajout d’un code 2D qui sera shooté par mobile) permet de donner une opportunité supplémentaire à nos campagnes d'être vues

my shot: Flashcode (the addition of 2D image code via a mobile telephone)

Thanks all for any help
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    un flashcode == a QR code

    flasher un flashcode == to scan a QR code

    "flashez-moi!" == "scan me !" (et surtout pas "flash me!" attention au faux ami, a flasher == un exhibitionniste)

    "to flash a QR code" == "brièvement exhiber un flashcode"
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    If a French tax assessment document refers to a "Flashcode", are we looking at the brand name mentioned by chrisp124, which should therefore be left untranslated, or a general term for QR codes, which should therefore be translated as "QR Code".

    Specifically, "Flashcode" is the heading above a QR code and text alongside the QR code says, 'Flashez ce code avec l'application "impots.gouv" pour payer par smartphone ou tablette'.

    EDIT: Technically, I think both "QR code and Flashcode are two different types of 2D barcode but, much like Sellotape has become synonymous (in UK English, at least) for sticky tape, Hoover for vacuum cleaner and Velcro for Hook and loop fastening material, I think "QR code" has become more or less synonymous with all 2D barcodes. Is it the same for "Flashcode" in French? Is it "le Scotch" of 2D barcodes?

    Although it may be fine to use "QR Code" in general parlance for any type of 2D barcode, I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate to use in an official document if referring to another type of 2D barcode. It's a bit like ordering "Coke" in a bar that sells only Pepsi served by a pedantic barman.

    Unless someone comes back with a persuasive counter-argument, I'm going to leave it as "Flashcode [type of 2D barcode]".
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    It's true that in France a "Flashcode" is the same as a QR code, but it's indeed a brand name, therefore encrypted and proprietary. Here are some explanations:
    Flashcode est une marque désignant un format de données (code-barres) propriétaire de type datamatrix, développé par l'Association française du multimédia mobile (l'AFMM, créée en 2005) (...)
    Le terme de flashcode est parfois utilisé, par abus de langage, pour désigner tous les systèmes de code-images matriciels pour lecture via mobile, comme les codes QR. Flashcode (Wikipédia)
    Le format des QR Codes (Asie) et Datamatrix (USA) sont libres. Les Flashcodes "français" (variante de Datamatrix) sont cryptés et propriétaires. Ils ne peuvent être décodés qu'à partir de logiciels fournis par la société Mobile Tag. (...)
    Un visiteur étranger habitué à scanner des QR codes ailleurs dans le monde ne pourra pas lire les Flashcodes en France sans être obligé de télécharger le décodeur ad' hoc !
    (QR Codes vs Flash Codes - Enovanet)
    So I agree with your translation, or maybe 'Flashcode (French QR code)'.