Le Gay Paris


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I'm looking for the old Parisian expression Le Gay Paris. Does it exist or is it just a figment of my imagination?...I mean, in a totally non-sexual but rather touristic sense. Thx 4 any help
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    What does the expression "Gai paris" or "Le Gai Paris" actually mean.?
    It is used so often and a conventional Google search yields nary a hint as to its true meaning.

    Thanks in advance to any Francophones out there that may know the answer to this.



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    It IS a well-known english phrase, but seldom used... more so a l'ecrit, in archaic song lyrics and more cutesy tourist books, you'd find it. It is used to conjure up an image of Paris as being a fashionable, quaint, and pleasant place, complete with accordian music, berets, and the champs elysees

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    Thanks people.

    Quick note.
    Paris quaint??!! the expression must really be archaic because as any visitor that took the time to look around will atest, Modern Paris is anything but Quaint. Unless of course you're an American tourist in Rose colored glasses that has watched and rewatched too many Bogart era movies.


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    I rather thought that "Gay Paree" conjured images of the Moulin Rouge in Toulouse Lautrec's time, or wild surrealist parties in the time of Anaïs Nin.