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I'm trying to translate the title of a French WWI poster that has the above phrase in it. The whole sentence is "Le Grand Etat-Major allemand avait ses premedite atrocites". I've roughly translated it in my mind as the German military had its premeditated atrocities but don't think this is quite right, especially the German military part. Any advice is very welcome. Thanks.
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    Etat-major usually is translated as 'general staff' or 'brain trust'--in the case of Germany at the time of WWI, probably the poster claimed 'the German general staff had its planned atrocities'


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    Etat-major is a "local" thing dedicated to a general in particular,
    "Grand état-major" is the highest command, and might be considered as "quartier général", general headquarters, if the name was already in existence back to WWI. i would suggest something like :
    The german General Headquarters had planned these atrocities.
    OR The german High Command had planned these atrocities.

    Note that Germans were at the time enemy and dispised, so should be written g-, not G- is it written this way ?
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