le moteur est très sollicité

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  1. coriinutza13

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    hi. I translated as: the engine is too solicited. It is better to say is too stressed?:)
  2. boterham Senior Member

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    "too stressed" sounds better, indeed.

    J'avais aussi pensé à utiliser le mot "strain" comme dans "is under a lot of strain" ou "under heavy strain".
  3. coriinutza13

    coriinutza13 Senior Member

    thank you boterham for your answer:)
  4. Liloo6

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    Hi all,

    Old thread, new question! I'm having some doubts to translate the following sentence :

    "Le moteur est donc plus sollicité ce qui provoque une dépense d’air supplémentaire"
    Context: Description of an alternative car.

    Is it possible to use "more stressed"? On the WR dictionnary, they use "make demands on" to translate "solliciter" in this context but I'm not sure it is the best option... What about the idea of "strain" that botheram suggested above?

    Thanks in advance!
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  5. Michelvar

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    Dans votre cas, (ainsi que dans le précédent d'ailleur), personnellement j'aurais tendance à traduire par "The engine is more heavily loaded..."
  6. Enquiring Mind

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    The engine is therefore (put) under a heavier/greater load ...
    Greater demands are therefore made on the engine ...

    I think it depends how technical the piece which you are translating is, and who the likely readership is. If it's technical, go for the "load" options. If it's a sort of consumer or lifestyle piece for Joe Public, the "demands" option is good.

    Strain is probably not so good - it suggests the engine can't cope.
  7. Liloo6

    Liloo6 Senior Member

    It's quite technical so I guess I'll go for "load".

    Thanks a lot to both of you for your suggestions.

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