Le partenariat ne met en rien en cause la famille traditionnelle


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Please could somebody help me? Have been trying to translate this sentence for what seems like days.
It's an article about le Pacs.

"Le partenariat ne met en rien en cause la famille traditionnelle."

I am thinking:

"The partnership does not challenge anything as far as the traditional family is concerned."

"The partnership does not pose any challenge to the traditional family (unit)"

Thanks in advance for your comments
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    C'est tout à fait ça.
    Ou peut être "does not question the traditional family (structure) in any regard" ?


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    "Mettre en cause" is often translated as "to call into question" or "cast doubt upon"; what do you think about, "these domestic partnerships in no way call into question/cast doubt upon the traditional family (unit)"? Otherwise, "challenge", as you suggested, or perhaps "dispute".

    And welcome to the forum! :)
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