le pone mucha salsa a los tacos

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  1. Nacha1931 New Member

    A female talks about her sister and says "Ella le pone mucha salsa a los tacos!"

    Thanks to anyone for your help.
  2. Iwonags Senior Member

    She has her tacos with a lot of sauce.
  3. tvimasterminimoni

    tvimasterminimoni Member

    in my own world
    Mexican Spanish
    it means
    "she is very dramatic"

    she have a boyfriend,, then she cut her relationship,
    and she cyes a looot she says "I'll kill myself !!!" and fight with family etc...
    so dramatic

    just Think:
    A Taco is a situation, and so much sauce means "dramatize so much that"

    and literally means
    She likes their Tacos with so much sauce (literally)
  4. goofy3 Senior Member

    It means she brags a lot about an accomplishment.
    "To blow one's own trumpet>'
  5. Iwonags Senior Member

    Oh, yes, the context is essential!

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