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Hi everyone

I'm having difficulty translating "rappel" in the context of a legal document which outlines the drafting of ICT charters in French schools.

"Le rappel du cadre législatif général dans la charte est très fortement conseillé, par example dans le préambule ou les premiers articles."

The recall/reminder(?) of a general legislative framework in the charter is strongly advised, for example in the preamble or the first articles?

Or might we translate it differently in this context?

Thanks for your help
  • Gérard Napalinex

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    Hi Madasa,

    I wish you were comfortable with your try, because it is what it means.
    "It is strongly recommended to include a reminder of the legal framework, for example..."

    Feel strong !


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    Ah thank you!
    But of course - "reminder". I really ought to have restructured the sentence. I have zero experience of translating legal documents so I keep getting stuck with the sentence structures. Just as well it's for a uni assignment and not the real world!

    Thanks for your encouragement and helping me to see it another way!
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