Le reste du temps, nous sommes en famille.


Français (France)

I would like to translate the following sentence:

"Tout le reste du temps, nous sommes en famille."

This is a child speaking about his family, and the fact that they hardly ever see any friend. Here, "en famille" means both "only with the family" and "as a family" (the following sentence is more or less: "According to my father, the family is sacred). I don't think I can use the French phrase since this is a child speaking, and his vocabulary is rather plain.

Here are my attempts to render it:

All the rest of the time we are only with the family
Otherwise we're all the time only with the family
Otherwise it's always family time
Otherwise it's always time with the family
Otherwise it's always only the family

Which one sounds more English and conveys the idea best? Any other suggestion? (I'm not really pleased with what I've found so...)

Thanks for the help!
  • wildan1

    Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)
    It's family time could be a possible translation from those you suggested, ChachOu, according to your context. It doesn't really sound like a child's way of speaking to me, however.

    A child might just say Otherwise, we're just always on our own as a family.
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