le serbe (langage)

retriever gal

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Is this Serbian or Serbo-Croat(e) in English?

i take it it's Serbian otherwise the author would have written Serbo-Croate in French...?
  • Grop

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    Hi, I agree with you. Serbian and Croat are often confused, but it may not be appropriate in every context.

    franc 91

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    This is a sensitive issue -until the break-up of Yugoslavia they spoke Serbo-Croate but now the two have seperated they insist on calling their language either Serbian or Croate. One main difference is that Serbian is usually wriiten in Cyrillic and Croate is written in the Latin alphabet . When I was in deepest Serbia (Tripkova), I was given a school book in Cyrillic and when I showed them an Assimil language guide in Serbian but printed mainly in Latin alphabet, the older generation of villagers couldn't read it.
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