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Hello everyone,

Here is the sentence which I'm having some hardship with translating:

''...le long travelling de Week-End restitue le temps réel au milieu des différentes temporalités qui sont mises en scene dans le film pour créer un <<effet>>, rendre insupportable la situation imaginée par l'auteur.''

I can't figure out if this phrase is terminological or is used with its real meaning. In the first case, what would be its meaning?

Here is what comes before this sentence: ''Certes, on imagine aisément qu'un théoricien du cinéma, tel Godard, demeure plus maitre de son écriture qu'un autre.''

Thank you all.
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    when you make a film, you don't film things in real time : e.g. you dont film the 8 hours your heroes sleep, do you ? time is generally compressed, especially when nothing much happens. Hence the various "temporalités" : time is accelerated when nothing happens, slowed down to almost real duration when there's something important going on, such as a conversation between protagonists and so on ; on the contrary, Godard's long travelling in Week-End was shot in "real time" : by contrast with the other parts of the film, where time was compressed, accelerated or slowed down, this looooooong travelling increases the feeling of duration, which, apparently, makes the situation unbearable.
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