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Hi all.
Still struggling with some dialogs, I guess that it is slang, because I don't find the definition in online dictionary. Okay here is the dialog :

- I have a house.
- It's your mom's house.
- No, but I--but I live in it, ok? And somebody pays the bills,
somebody cooks the food, and somebody does the laundry.
So I put it to you guys, the table.
The great life, or the greatest life?
- You are leaching off your mom,and you are actually defending it.

I would be grateful is someone can explain what the guy means when he says "I put it to you guys", and a girl is replying "you are leaching off your mom", which lets me puzzled.
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    "I put it to you" is a way of introducing a question or a proposal requiring a decision. The two choices he offers are "the great life" or "the greatest life", which is not much of a choice.

    It's "leeching", by the way, not "leaching." A leech is a bloodsucking parasite that feeds off its host. You can see how the expression originated. :) "Leaching" is a process of extraction, most commonly when liquids pass through solids. A drip coffeemaker essentially leaches the coffee flavor out of the coffee grounds using hot water.


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    "To leech off somebody" means to take advantage of him, to use his money/resourses without giving back. To act like a parasite, "leech".


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    "put it to you" can have two different meanings. One would mean to put a question or issue to somebody for their decision or opinion. "I put it to you that we should boycott the store" "I have no idea what we should do, so I put it to you gentlemen"

    Another would be a variation of "stuck it to him". Meaning to "screw" somebody, to force something unpleasant on them. "He really put it to Tom, making him work weekends all month,"
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