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Hi everyone,

I´m trying to translate Lead and Account.

It is linked to cold calling and sales.

Lead would be like: a person you would to contact, for instance: Ms. Li.
Account: the company in which this Person work:XXX 有限公司.

Should I try a translation with: 领 something...
Should I try another kind of translation, independant from the meaning of "Lead": 联系人

Same thing with account:

公司 / 可能的客户
账 something...

Thanks a lot!
Cheers, :)
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    Retro has done a wonderful job in translating those terms according to the definitions given in the original post (i.e., lead 联络人 vs. account 公司). However, I would like to point out that my understanding of those terms is different from the OP's explanation and thus may render different Chinese translations:
    An account is an organization, company, or consumer that you want to track—for example, a customer, partner, or competitor.
    A lead is a sales prospect who has expressed interest in your product or company.
    "Lead": 联系人
    Do you indeed intend to treat "lead" and "contact" the same in this thread? Just to remind you, our translation suggestions will be based on YOUR definitions of those words.
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    I think 联系人/公司 are good for all general cases.
    Instead of 可能的客户, we do have a term: 潜在客户 for "potential client".
    The word 客户(client) can refer to either a person or a company.
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