1. Beenie2000 Member

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    Hi all,

    I'm wondering what the verb (if there is one) 'to lead someone on' in Spanish is. I used to think there was a noun to describe a person who does it, but I may be wrong.

    It means to make someone think that you like them (in a sexual/romantic way).

    Hola a todos. Me pregunto si existe un verbo para decir 'to lead someone on' en Español. Pensé que había un sustantivo para describir una persona que lo hacía, pero puede que me equivoque...

    Tiene el sentido de hacer alguien pensar que te gusta (de una manera romantica/sexual)

    Gracias x la ayuda!

  2. piraña utria

    piraña utria Senior Member

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    Spanish - Colombian with Caribbean nuanc

    I've just noticed your question, precisely because i`m looking for the meaning of that verb, in the context of an "earth, wind and fire" song.

    I hope that my advice help you yet. In Colombia (i think in other latino countries), "coquetear" it could be able to transmit that idea.
  3. sunRAE

    sunRAE Senior Member

    ¡Sí la hay! (Eso creo ;)) He escuchado: "torear" o "provocar" tambien se usa para uno que le da a la otra persona la ilusion que está interesado, cuando no tiene ninguna intencion de quererla de verdad, solo satisfacerse a sí mismo o "torturarle" de manera emocional.

    Por ej:
    Un muchacho a su ex: "¿Porque me toreas?"

    ¿Tal vez no más existe en Mexico esta expresion? Pero para mi tiene demasiado sentido: Torear=Toreador=lo que hace al toro=incitar/provocar...es lo mismo, ¿no creen? :p
  4. americanita New Member

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    Hi all,

    I believe the correct verb would be "engañar." To lead someone on is in a way to trick them, because you make them believe you want something more than you really do - or to make them think you like them in a sexual/romantic way when you really don't. "Torear" gives more the connotation to torment or tease someone - like you're doing it on purpose. You can still torment or tease someone if you do like them in a romantic way, but not if you're leading someone on.

    As for coquetear, I have heard it used in contexts to mean flirting. As with tormenting/torturing/teasing/toreando a alguien, you can still flirt with someone if you do like them in a romantic way. Leading someone on implies that you don't like them in that way, yet you are leading them to believe you do. That's why I believe the best interpretation would be "engañar," because you're leading someone to believe something that is not true, as in tricking them, whether it be intentional or not.
  5. bondia

    bondia Senior Member

    Illes Balears
    Rather than "engañar", I would say "dar esperanzas falsas", which is not as much deceiving as leading along a false trail
  6. sunRAE

    sunRAE Senior Member

    What about just simply jugar con alguien or ilusionar? These are some terms that I have personally heard in these kind of situations. (not like I have experience or anything! :rolleyes:) Just because there may not be a "perfectly equivalent term" from one language to another doesn't mean that you can't still convey the idea! Personally, I would go with ilusionar a alguien.

  7. Jmbiker

    Jmbiker Senior Member

    Hi, Beenie


    The verb "inducir" is not only related with a romantic ambient.
    The person (noun) is "inductor"
    In the romantic ambient, we can translate "to lead on" as "engañar" or "embaucar", and the person is "embaucador"

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