Lead-Zinc Flotation Plant

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Hello everyone,

What would be the best way to translate Lead-Zinc Flotation Plant into Russian?

Flotation is the process that is used in the plant. Lead-Zinc are the metals that are processed with this method. Now, for the flotation plant, I've encountered флотационная фабрика on the Internet, so there is no problem with that. My problem is with the metal names. Should I use the adjective forms for them? Or use для? Or maybe just use it like in English? Which one of the following sounds best to you:

1. Свинцовая-цинковая Флотационная Фабрика
2. Флотационная Фабрика для свинца-Цинка
3. Свинец-Цинк Флотационная Фабрика

or maybe something else?

Thanks in advance!
  • Maroseika

    Свинцово-цинковая фабрика or свинцово-цинковый комбинат.
    The word обогатительный is sometimes added before фабрика/комбинат.
    There is no word "flotation" here, but flotation is the method of concentration used there, and this is a stable name for such plants.

    And a bit about grammar:

    1. Свинцовая-цинковая Флотационная Фабрика
    Not possible, complex adjectives are formed only with connecting vowel: свинцово-цинковый, свинцовоплавильный, углекислый, красно-белый.

    2. Флотационная Фабрика для свинца-Цинка
    Not possible for two materials, should be: для свинца и цинка. But possible for the words combining functions of two subjects: диван-кровать, бал-маскарад, счет-фактура.

    3. Свинец-Цинк Флотационная Фабрика
    Attributes cannot be formed by nouns such a way.

    So if you still want to translate it literally, it would be cвинцово-цинковая флотационная фабрика. But again, this is not a set technical translation.


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    You should know that “flotation” terms in Russian can only refer either to the technique of flotation, or to ores and minerals, in the professional language, not to the extractable metals (unless it’s about pure metals like gold, silver, copper, etc, as minerals.)

    Such straight “metal” terms come from poorly worded automatically translated websites, you should always avoid using it.

    It would be safe to use “флотационная фабрика (по обогащению) свинцово-цинковых руд”.

    «Комбинат» should be ruled out, too, since it’s not applicable to flotation only. It’s «фабрика», indeed.
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