I need a synonym of 'lead' in the following text:

"...Your customers have probably gone through a series of stages with you.The process may start with a lead,which is the name of someone who have the poetential to buy from us.Many leads never make it past that stage to become prospects..."

Thanks in advance!
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    Maybe tip? I wouldn't substitute it in that context, though. "Lead" is the jargon of the sales business.

    If you need a clue for translating it, the definintion is right there in your paragraph: "the name of someone who has the potential to [become a customer]" If I am a salesperson and someone gives me the name of another person who might like to buy my product, then they have given me a lead.


    A "lead" is the name of a person who might be interested in what you are selling.
    Leads may be generated by advertising which invites interested people to phone or write to a certain address - these are a good form of lead, they have expressed an interest.
    Other leads may be generated by finding out people who don't have your product/avail of your service. This can be done by cold-calling at houses on a street and asking "Do you own a xyz?" or "Have you ever used abc service?"
    The person calling then returns a list of all the people who said "no" to his head office and a sales person is sent out with this list of 'leads'.

    I imagine the name comes from that fact that contacting the person may lead to a sale being made.
    So if you really need a synonym I'd opt for "contact".