leading off the main concourse

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There are lots of shops leading off the main concourse.

Hello teachers.
This sentence is from the Oxfordictionary.
I don't understand what it means "leading off the main concourse". What does "leading" and "off" mean in this sentence?

Thank you so much
  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    If you imagine the main concourse, the shops are on either side of it and directly connected, so you can walk from the concourse into the shops. We often talk about side streets that lead off a main street.

    Shops "leading off" =>......|.....|.....|
    Main concourse => =================
    Shops "leading off" =>......|.....|.....|


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    Here is an image of the main concourse at Grand Central (railroad) station in New York City. It is the main hub and once in that hub you are able to walk north, south, east and west to various platforms.

    Most concourses are as Keith has shown above with just shops and access routes on either side of the concourse.

    And here is a shopping concourse in England:

    The Shopping Concourse St Pancras Railway train station London Capital City England UK
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